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How to Build a Successful Business on a Part Time Basis while holding on to a hectic day job

About 90% of employees worldwide are struggling to make ends meet each month. Most strive to find another source of income to supplement their inadequate salary, mainly from part time work. While many employees acknowledged that the Internet is the most practical medium for them to start a profitable venture and earn some part time income, there is still a lack of pertinent information for this special group. Given the greater challenges faced by most employees - who have to juggle between a stressful profession during the day and starting/growing a profitable part time business during their spare time - this web site attempts to provide relevant information, resources, tools and tips based on the experience of  a part time entrepreneur who runs several online and offline businesses in his spare time all the way from the jungle kingdom of Borneo, regarded as a third world Internet country (click here for the definition), while still holding on to his hectic day job and a dedicated husband and dad to his young family.

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